We are All Safe Fire Sprinkler

We design, install, test, inspect and repair the finest fire sprinkler systems in the North Country. Our protection begins with certified essential team members to keep your residential, commercial and industrial properties safe.

About Us

From commercial businesses to residential homes, All Safe Fire Sprinkler designs, installs and inspects fire sprinkler systems best suited for your safety needs. No matter how complex or small the fire sprinkler design is, our experienced fire sprinkler safety team will do everything we can to protect you from a fire.

Emily Avery


Hard work, dedication and determination have been the price of success that have led Emily Avery to become an owner of All Safe Sprinkler Company, LLC.  Emily has been able to balance her family and career to obtain the high demands of accomplishing her own business.  She tries to exceed customer expectations as she feels that customer satisfaction is high priority in any business.


Protecting your property is our first priority and designing an effective fire protection system is our specialty. Our team of experienced fire protection design experts uses CAD software to accurately design your unique fire protection system that meets all New York and national building code requirements. A properly designed fire sprinkler system is the most important aspect of keeping your residential, commercial, and industrial property safe.

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All Safe Fire Sprinkler Service employs a staff of expert fire protection system designers, engineers, installers, electricians, carpenters, and sprinkler fitters who can install virtually any type of fire protection system imaginable. Call us today if you need:
Automatic fire sprinkler systems
Fire alarms or smoke detectors
Deluge or water spray water mist systems
Exit and emergency lighting
Fixed or portable fire extinguishers
Gas fire suppression systems
Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems

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New York Fire Code mandates that you have your fire sprinkler system tested once a year. During a fire sprinkler test one of our certified trained technicians will test the alarm reaction and the flow of water through your system. We also test each control valve by exercising it through its full range of motion, then returning it to its normal position by checking for valve seizure, broken seams, leakage or any other condition that might impair the valve’s proper operation.

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Your fire sprinkler is the single most important component of your building’s fire protection system, and having an annual fire sprinkler inspection is the best thing you can do to keep it working properly. But what happens when a fire sprinkler inspection turns up a problem? At All Safe Fire Sprinkler Service, we provide fire sprinkler repair for any problems your fire sprinkler may run into, big or small.

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